Six University profesors including a former VC is suspended and arrested

Six Profesors including a former VC of Rajshahi University has been sacked and four of them are in jail now while two are hiding. Their crime, as shown to be the cause of the suspension, is leading protests against military atrocities on the students in Dhaka university. In the meanwhile two other professors of nations leading Dhaka University remains in Jail for the same sort of crime.

News TV Channel Shut Down

Government decides to close down the only 24 hour news only TV channel in Bangladesh. CSB, a huge media business venture with a lot of foreign technological investment, has been shut down on the excuse of a silly irregularity during it’s approval process. A couple of weeks ago, CSB news, along with another channel, Ekushey, was warned by government of Bangladesh for showing news footage which the government of Bangladesh didn’t want the people to see. Also during a recent TV interview, the all powerful information and law advisor were speechless on the face of a question from a witty CSB journalist. Incidentally all other TV channels have recently refrained from broadcasting very popular political roundtables and interview program.

Bangladeshi American’s in New York have been threatened

Bangladeshi American’s in New York have been threatened with retribution if they participate in protest rallies against Government atrocities in Bangladesh. The rough English translation of this investigative report from Mahmud Khan Taser is as follows,

It has been learned that a list is being prepared of those who are protesting the arrest and demanding the release of those arrested in Bangladesh for corruption, nepotism and massive looting with abuse of state power. In addition effective measures have been taken to identify the source of funds, the financiers and patrons of these protest events. Three officials from a special law enforcement agency has alreday arrived in New York with a special mission. They are contacting all sorts of people and are collecting the name-address as well as the immigration status of the organizers of these protests. A reliable source in Bangladesh embassy in washington informs…..Full detail of those protesting will be sent to airports and respective police stations in Bnagladesh. The same source says that naturalized American citizens will also not be spared as their photo along with video footage will be sent to special law enforcement agencies in Bangladesh……