This picture makes me sad. Here, an apparently unarmed man is being subjected to public humiliation and physical torture only because of his profession. Nobody deserves this sort of treatment. This is ugly and cruel.

You all are aware that this now famous picture has been a subject and source of a lot of controversy and retribution. This is the bbc take on this photo.


We all should protest this sort of treatment of a person only because of his professional affiliation. Similarly we also should protest and be sad at the torture and humiliation of the incidents, the pictures of which we didn’t see.  

Exactly in the same street, two days later, the professional colleague of the man being chased in this picture, came back reinforced. They imposed curfew, cordoned off the whole area, searched house to house, lined up all whose profession is student and beat them up in a manner that could be 100o times more ugly and cruel than what we see in the picture.

In addition to the magnitude and intensity of torture, there is another difference. The first atrocity was a job of un-accounted for, uncontrolled street mob. But the follow up event was a job of a trained professional force, who are armed, fed and dressed with tax payer’s money only to safeguard the country from foreign invasion.

Whatever disgusting the image may be, it surely sends a very powerful message. The message reminds us of 6th December 1990. There is no stronger human force than the peoples’ collective passion and anger.