Ok India is back again.

India is back to destroy this country, the economy and the progress.

Who says that?


The government says that via implanted news at local press. Read this , this , and this identical news items.
The following day our boss, the army chief, came up with his confirmation and conclusion ( concluded even before the justice`led investigatory committee started working) that the evil forces planned this and the design has been foiled.

Just scan through all the comments made in different blogs by all the militray apologetics you will see a general tendency of relating DUTA, India amd Awami League and even will selectively pick Ekushey TV behind the conspiracy.

And exactly on the other hand, the other side, anti CTG side, is using India freestyle also to make their case. The case that side is making is by connecting CTG with Dr Kamal Hossain, Daily Star, Prothom-Alo, Gen Moeen, geeti Ara Shafiya etc.

And a third side, seletively picking SaQa owned news channel ( and forgetting similar govt warning on Ekushey also), try to put the blame all on the evil of BNP. Like this one from a friend of mine, “Do you find it that hard to believe that Falu/Saqa/et al would pour lakhs into the streets to try to bring down the government? I would do the same.”

And while we use India at our own free will, I see a repetition of history. Do the combination of words, Dhaka university teachers, Indian agent, conspiracy, national integrity, India’s blue print, midnight arrest of teachers remind you of 1971?
Its a deja vu, my friend.