Yes the whole country is now under house arrest. Hundreds of thousands are being tortured. It is reported that army is beating people to death.

Mobile networks are snapped, so is internet. TV/Newspapers are gagged. Politicians/teachers are hiding.

This is the first time curfew has been imposed for so long since the night of 25th march. Like that of 26th March it is also relaxed for 3 hours. And never ever, the telephone system has been disconnected so massively anywhere in the world.

Talking about business loss. If demonstrators cause loss of 1 million taka, this military-chamcha government is now causing loss of 1 billion taka.  

And surprsingly the number of rajakars supporting heavy headed PAK action on 25th March was much less than the proportion of people jumping up and down to support this massive antipeople crackdown.

Although bloggers, both from Bangladesh and abroad are helping by spreading the word,  there is a serious lack of a strong voice of protest among the bloggers who live outside bangladesh. On the contrary bloggers from Bangladesh, who are writing in places like or are writing more bravely. We could take lesson from our previous generation NRBs who stood up against PAK army atrocities in cities like London and New York.  

This is the time to protest the heavy handed action of Mr Fakhruddin’s government.