Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Here are some pictures. However these pictures are not of those inexplicable, unacceptable,unwarranted, vandalism that was demonstrated all over Dhaka on Wednesday and that left the nation in a state of disbelief and shock. These are agrieved peoples’ mvement protesting price hike and power failue dring last government around 28 september 2006.


The New Age Editorial

…..While it is only natural that the events of the last few days will be explained differently by different quarters, we strongly feel that the real causes of such dissent must be correctly identified by the present government. For the wrong diagnosis will only worsen the situation, and that will not desirable for anyone — be it the government, our armed forces, civil society, media or the general public. However, the official explanation that has thus far been provided — as can be discerned from the chief adviser’s address to the nation on Wednesday night — that university students’ response to a seemingly minor incident that had already been dealt with by the government was intentionally amplified by ‘evil forces’ and ‘self-seeking quarters’, appears to us to be not only simplistic but also incorrect. In our view, there is growing disillusionment with this government among the people at large, owing to the fact that this government, instead of concentrating on fulfilling the initial pledges that it had made, has been seen to be more busy with other activities such as trying to fracture political parties, expel political leaders, make arbitrary arrests, shut down factories and mills, evict slum-dwellers, etc. Also, instead of working expeditiously to bring about necessary political reforms through the enactment or amendment to electoral laws and rules, the government has given itself an open-ended tenure and has perceivably stalled the restoration of fundamental rights and return to elected rule. The disappointment and disillusionment with the government has, in our view, turned into anger, which found expression in the students’ agitation and the spontaneous involvement of the general public in the protests of the last few days…….
……we strongly and sincerely urge the Fakhruddin government to steer clear of conspiracy theories and to properly analyse the factors that led to the spontaneous street agitations of the last few days. We also urge it to immediately shift its focus back to the levelling of the playing field and on the holding of credible, acceptable and participatory elections in order to return democratic process to the country and to safeguard the army’s well-earned reputation as the symbol of our sovereignty.


Yes the whole country is now under house arrest. Hundreds of thousands are being tortured. It is reported that army is beating people to death.

Mobile networks are snapped, so is internet. TV/Newspapers are gagged. Politicians/teachers are hiding.

This is the first time curfew has been imposed for so long since the night of 25th march. Like that of 26th March it is also relaxed for 3 hours. And never ever, the telephone system has been disconnected so massively anywhere in the world.

Talking about business loss. If demonstrators cause loss of 1 million taka, this military-chamcha government is now causing loss of 1 billion taka.  

And surprsingly the number of rajakars supporting heavy headed PAK action on 25th March was much less than the proportion of people jumping up and down to support this massive antipeople crackdown.

Although bloggers, both from Bangladesh and abroad are helping by spreading the word,  there is a serious lack of a strong voice of protest among the bloggers who live outside bangladesh. On the contrary bloggers from Bangladesh, who are writing in places like or are writing more bravely. We could take lesson from our previous generation NRBs who stood up against PAK army atrocities in cities like London and New York.  

This is the time to protest the heavy handed action of Mr Fakhruddin’s government.