Moeen accuses politicians of trying to vex govt. Says it’s time to help flood victims, not for politics

The chief of army staff, General Moeen U Ahmed, Saturday accused the political parties of trying to embarrass the government by deliberately abstaining from flood relief activities.
‘The political parties have deliberately refrained from taking part in relief operations in the flood-affected areas in a bid to tarnish the image of the present government,’ he told a gathering after exchanging views with a cross-section of people at the deputy commissioner’s office in Manikganj.
Moeen said, ‘We do not have time for politics right now and relief operations have nothing to do with politics.’
‘Please, forget about politics! We have had enough of politics in the last 36 years. Let us now stand by the affected people,’ he added. The army chief urged all to stand by the marooned people and help them by every possible means.
Gen Moeen said, ‘Only a handful of people have come to the aid of the flood-affected people. But I would like to see more people coming forward soon.’
Source : New Age, August 5 2007.

General Moeen has cancelled his trip to India and Pakistan to be able lecture the nation about not doing politics with flood. Thank you general. By the way I have a question for the general, “What, in fact, is meant by doing politics with Flood? Can you explain it please?”

Cabinet decides to meet demands of flooded areas
Moeen U Ahmed, Masud Uddin attend

United News of Bangladesh . Dhaka

Our Dear General Masud has finally got the flood promotion to the cabinet. We were just gettig used to seeing one general, the Army chief visiting cabinet meetings. Now lets start making it a habit to see the second baton weilding general in the cabinet meetings.

And the third M, Moinul Hossain, the only M without a baton, has also warned not do do politics with flood. According to him, let me quote him, in response to request for some monetray help, ” What you will do with money? Everything flooded, nowehere to spend money”. Then when asked to give food and shelter, he replies, ” Pray to Allah, He will solve the problem. ”
Good! Then why we need to do politics with flood. The nation have been so stupid for so long.