Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibr Rahman’s sister Asia Khatun breathed her last yesterday. Not much is known about her personal traits. However some events of this person’s very personal life and her losses has been intricately associated with that of the nation.
On that night of August 15 1975, this mother, grandmother and sister, lost both of her brothers, her eldest son with the whole family and almost 20 other members of her extended family in political massacre. She didn’t have the scope to mourn all the deaths during that time of devastation. She had to become strong to protect, hide and safeguard her surviving sons. And she did what she had to do out of her maternal instinct.

32 years later, yesterday, when Asia Khatun departed the world, as a result of another political storm, the son she protected with all what she had, was not with her. He was in jail awaiting trial.

This probably is the typical fate of a subcontinental politician family. In ths subcontinent, power and politics tends to run down the family and so is the sacrifice, personal loss, debacle.

Politicians enjoy enormous power at the good times, no doubt. But they are the one who also pay equally. There is hardly any political family in the subcontinent which has not lost one or more of its members to political assasinations or which has not been subjected to prolonged persecution/jail/deportation or asset confiscation etc.

I write this note at a time when politicians are being subjected to a freestyle demonization. And while doing that there is a concerted effort to hide the fact that corrption is a disease that polluted the whole environment and it is not something that is confined to the politicians only. And it is not fair that only selectively some selective politicians will have to pay for the crime committed by all.

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