If the wise men and women under the leadership of Princeton PhD Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed believe that what they are doing with some corrupt political somersaulters like Manann Bhuiya  or Amir Hossain Amu, is the needed political reform for Bangladesh, we have really bad days ahead of us.

According to this reform our political future is at the hands of,

1. Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan, leftist to NAP Bhashani to Jagodol to BNP. When Salam Talukder, ex landlord of Sharishabari died, Khaleda not very happy with the Zamindari styles of Salam Talukder, wanted to recruit someone from a poor background. Mannan Bhuiyan, living out of party welfare, was the perfect one for Khaleda Zia to pick out of obscurity. Now 10 yrs later, leading the most corrupt ministry (LGRD) as per TIB for five years,  owning Houses in Gulshan, making frequent medical trips to Singapore (each one costing at least a million Taka), looting LGRD owned dairy Milk Vita to its destruction, this Mannan Bhuiyan is the pick to salvage Bangladesh politics!!!

2. Amir Hossain Amu.  I had personal knowledge of corruption of two ministers in Bangladesh. One is the rampant corruptions of  Amir Hossain Amu while he was food minister and the other was the corruption of Dr Khondokar Mosharraf Hossain, the immediate past health minister.  There are many politicians who have been given harsh punishments for indulging in a fraction of Amu’s corruption.

Now should I believe that  Dr Fakhruddin will depend on these corrupt disloyal bunch to implement a healthy political atmosphere in Bangladesh? Am I out of my mind? Or is Dr Fakhruddin out of his mind?

I believe nobody is out of their mind.  What is being shown like a reform strategy for now, is, in my opinion, is a shrewd exit starategy. This government of Fakhruddin, Moeen, Moinul, Matin, Masud et el know very well that their back skin is very much vulnerable if AL or BNP under current leadership returns to power. And they do not want to make the mistake of handing over power to any of these parties. Then who they would hand it over to? They themselves were not sure a third king’s party will fair against BNP or AL.  Or least they probably don’t want to take the chance. Hence this new exit plan comes up.

 It seems according to this new exit plan, the power will be handed over to the winners of a mock election contest between a BNP and AL  redesigned by the CTG and led by Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan, and either of AmuMukul/Rajjak/Suranjit etc.

A good exit strategy is fine. But sadly this exit plan exposes  a real lack of commitment towards a positive democratic reform and a fair election in Bangladesh. Otherwise why there will be double standard in dealing with Amanullah Amn and Jahiruddin Swapon or between Abdul Jalil and Amir Hossain Amu?

Dear people of Bangladesh,  worse time is ahead of us. Be prepared.