Prothom-Alo editor Motiur Rahman must be a very brave man. Looks like he is making enemy spanning the whole spectrum of Bangladeshi cahttering class. His takes on AL governmnet during their last rule has irreversably angered AL supporters. He could not alleviate that anger despite hardest services to the AL cause throughout the BNP regime. And now again after using AL for making 1/11 happen, he is in a crusade against both AL and BNP.  His takes against JP/Ershad  has been cruel, if I say it lighly. Looks like finally it touched some nerve somewhere. Today Ershad had an angry piece dedicated against Motiur Rahman in ex JP paper Inqilab. Boy, Ershad is angry, I don’t know what he will do if he get’s Motiur Rahman in front of him. Read this here.