The chatterbox advisor Mr Moinul Hossain is trying to reset the mandate of this interim caretaker government. Initially promised election by 2008 is apparently not the goal, Mr moinul says. According to him, they are walkingt a roadmap of democracy.

And definitely Mr Moinul has already shown us some landmarks in the road map. Hannan Shah was arrested for talking too much. Talking too much is against Mr Moinul brand of democracy. And the ex-mayors Hanif’s sone, new member of Hanif dynasti Syed Khokon was taken to joint forces custody, and unlike others, released the following day. And two days later this Syed Khokon hosts a political meeting in his upscale restaurant at Banani with the new party the Mr Moinul’s government is helping found. And remember indoor politics is banned in Bangladesh and Politicians are all in hiding.


While Mr Moinul and his agents in different political parties are shouting day and night talking against familycracy and corruption, nobody now talks about reported Billions of Taka corruption by Hanif-Khokon or Khokon being the son turned political heir.


On the other hand, looks like the noose against Sheikh Hasina is tightening slowly. Until very recently Sheikh Hasina’s main drawback was her talkative nature and making of irresponsible spontenious remarks. However lately her trademark saber rattle has become the last remaining hope for Bangladesh. This is the time when there is no one left in the country who would dare speak up against the current interim caretaker government.
I cant tell how much I disliked the coments of Sheikh hasinha. But now a days I keep waiting to hear a word fron her. Among all the insanity, shortsightedness, jabs against politics and democracy, Sheikh Hasina remains the last prson standing. I wish her all the best.