Courtesy : Daily New Age

Lately the chamchika census in Bangladesh has suddenly shored up. And they are seen trying to kick at the two elephants temporarily stuck in the ditch.

I do not know what will happen to this chamchika class if the elephants somehow manage to come out unhurt from the ditch.

But I do know what will happen if somehow these chamchikas succeed in eliminating the elephants from Bangladesh political scenario.

Recently I saw a national geographic documentary on Hyena. A bunch of hyena united together in hunting down a wild elephant. But the moment the elephant finally succumbed to the relentless attack of all the hayenas together, these hyenas start fighting between themselves in deciding who will first put a bite at the elephant. That was a hellish ugly fight.

And definitely in Bangladesh, the moment the two elephants will be taken down from the throne, I can bet another ugly fight will begin between those chamchikas for the party leadership exactly like those hyenas.

But the question that is yet to be answered is whether these hyena style fighting is an intended outcome of the impasse. The person who will stop these post elephant hayena style self mutilation within the political parties will apparently be the new leader of the country. That is probably the planned end point of minus two plus one formula.

One thing everyone forgets is that people’s will, wish and power did and will never be guided by any blueprint. At the end of the day, ppeople will decide their own future.