Veteran and very successful editor Naimul Islam Khan had this to tell about his colleague Bangladeshi journalist in his regular column  named exactly as this title at daily Amader Shomoy.

The reason I am posting it here because I endorse in its entirety. I already discussed about the irresponsible activist journalism in Bangladesh in my several previous posts.

In addition to that the cheap childlish tone of ”gotta’, or take a kick of revenge at those who are in hole as result of the current state of political turnover is very much prevelant among our newsmen lately.

Rajshahi Mayor Minu and Daily Prothom alo do not have the friendliest of relationship to start with.

In the past this daily was snubbed by the court for publishing stories on Minu which later turned false. So as Minu got arrested yesterday, Prothom-Alo could not hide their joy. They just published a first page 3 column report on Minu. When the reporter was Tipu Sultan, I expected a better reporting. The use of derogatory language, unsubstantiated allegations, truncated unfair use of Minu’s wife’s interview were definitely not upto the reporting standard we expect from Tipu Sultan.

Then the Laptop story involving Joy, Tasneem etc. which was published in Manabjamin’s weekly Janatar Chokh. In that sory my fellow activists and bloggers Asif and Naeem were wrongly implicated in a sinister way. When a protest note was sent the editor point blank refused to publish it and was not at all apologetic.

We are all hoping that 1/11 cleanse our political mess, but I do not know what will help the nation come out of this journalistic mess.

Update #1. AL leader Mr Obaidul Quader was produced in the court tpday. In the court, under oath, he denied making any statement about the 12 death in bus burning case. A weeping Obaidul Quader was very bold in his statement dismissing all the quotes attributed to him as false.

And no surprise, the newsppapers, including Prothom-Alo, didn’t bother to give this news any treatment comparable to the treatment given to the alleged reports quoting him about all the misdeeds of Sheikh Hasina.