(Courtesy NewAge)

Giasuddin Al Mamun is the typical fortune hunter, refusing to remain in the class he was born in and determined to elevate him to the upper elite wealthy class of the society. To materialize his dream, he didn’t miss the first opportunity that came his way. He made his way to come close to first kid of the country and very soon although he was simply a salesperson of a street side family drug store, he started visiting the house of the country’s president and eventually started living there. The rest is history, within the next 25 years; he ruthlessly made use of the proximity with the son of prime minister and ex-president and turned into one of the wealthiest business tycoons of the country.
During this journey he allegedly did many wrongdoings. These may include,
1. Abuse of his friendship of First Kid Tareq to get bank loans.
2. Intimidating other businessmen or government officials who posed any obstacle to his business blitzkrieg.
3. Blackmailed corrupt businessmen and government officials.
4. Misappropriation of government property by abusing his connection.

However what he has never been accused include,
1. Murder or terrorism.
2. Rape or Torture.
3. Conspiracy
4. Destruction of public property tec.

If you are asked to find some positive things about him you can say,
1. This guy did spend the ill gotten money in Bangladesh, building industries, hotels, resorts, professional TV channels.
2. His money probably was not siphoned out of the country to pay for princely livelihood of his kids. Many government high officials are siphoning millions of taka every month for their kids.

Anyway, this guy was convicted yesterday. Not for doing what public believe he did. But for doing something what public do NOT at all believe in. And this verdict came after he was remanded (questioned in custody) total of 60 days so far, which is a record breaking high in the history of Bangladesh.

Fellow Bangladeshi Faiyaz Zamal puts it this way,

Giasuddin Al Mamun, the principal accomplice of Tarique Rahman’s corruption deals, has been given a three-year prison sentence today for his failure to report his wealth statement to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on time.
The ACC served Mamun a notice on February 18 to submit his wealth statement to the commission within 72 hours. However, according to various newspaper reports, Mamun was taken under the Joint Force (JF) custody on January 31, but was not officially shown as arrested until March 26.
Now when ACC summoned him for submission of his wealth statement, he was actually in the Joint Force custody. I am not a lawyer, but as far as my common sense says, it was the JF’s duty to let him submit the wealth statement as he was under their custody. Not only that, the ACC did not even allow his wife to submit the statement on his behalf.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that he is innocent or was not involved in any corruption. But giving him 3 years jail term for somebody else’s fault is not justice. The current anti corruption drive by the government has a huge public support, and I am sure the majority of people of Bangladesh would like to see corrupt people like Mamun behind the bars. But bypassing the due process would not set a good example; it’ll only create sympathy for corrupt persons like Mamun and will undermine the whole anti corruption drive.

What a shame! After all these days of remand, the government has to apply this sort of shameless lie to sentence Mamun!
This is a sad state affair when the first sentence of the most talked about corrupt is based on fabrication and lie on the part of the government.