Nation was divided into two feuding and mutually hating groups. One group was supporting Awami League and the other group was sympathizers of BNP. The hatred between these two political party supporters/ loyalists is so intense that both the groups have an intense desire to see the other side wiped off from the face of the earth.

The trademark moment of this hatred is Paltan Maidan on the 28th October 2006. The world witnessed how stick wielding activists were beating their opponents to death in broad day light or how gun shots were being fired indiscriminately.

Then came the state of emergency. The so called 1/11. The talk of the town was of a new powerful 3rd party and attempts were underway to make the two old feuding parties irrelevant. Minus two theory came. Execution Plan A failed, now looks like the plan B of the execution of the minus two formula is heading towards a sure success.

However whatever we say about the irrelevance about the old players in BD politics, the partisanship remain very much relevant in our print media. Although some of the print media initially promoted the minus two theory, it looks like most of the media now are back in their old formation. Again lined up in 28th October Paltan style, angry at each other, intensely eager to totally annihilate each other.

At least that’s what you feel if you read newspapers. Pro BNP newspapers will publish extremely serious and sensitive uncorroborated allegation against AL leader Sheikh Hasina. Any of these stories, if true, is enough to destroy someone’s political/public life. Similarly Pro AL newspapers will go 9 miles to somehow connect Khaleda Zia and her sons to every possible crime that was committed in Bangladesh during the last 5 years. It’s the same partisan hatred that we witnessed in paltan. The intense urge to annihilate the political leadership /activists belonging to the group I don’t subscribe to.

I don’t know with this spectacular show of media hatred, how irrelevant the two major parties could remain. I however know one thing for sure. Someone, sitting somewhere, wanted the nation to watch the 28th October mayhem in Paltan. That made 1/11 easy. And similarly, I believe, these same mysterious ‘someone’ is again taking a backseat and let the nation watch the Paltan style indulgence by the print media. The intention clearly is to pave the way for another 1/11. This time not on the nation. Nation is already contained. This time it will be on yet to restrain press in Bangladesh. After all what is going in newspapers in Bangladesh, the nation will then again breathe another sigh of relief.