Brig General Hannan Shah is in jail now, so is his son. Charges? What else? Corruption. When we all talk against corruption, I sense a lot of corruption/ manipulation/political  use of these corruption charges. It does not require a political scientist to understand that the charges against Brig Gen Hannan Shah was brought only to silence Mr Shah’s voice. Lately Mr. Shah had become te voice of BNP especially the voice of grass root BNP activists and supporters.  The man who was supposed to play this role, Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan, has apparently lost his ability to speak.

 This sort of political vindication, the use of government judiciary and law enforcement agencies to silence a political activist is not new in Bangladesh. All previous governments have done that.  And this governmnet is also doing the same thing.  Only difference is that this governmnet has captured power to stop this sort of political use of administration from happening. And with Hannan Shah’s arrest, the governmnet has done just the thing which they are here to stop.

In the past, during the past regimes we heard of many kinds of grabbing. Land grabbing, house grabbing, river grabbing, plot grabbing, student dorm grabbing etc. But during this regime we are exeriencing a bunch of some new sort of grabbings.

First of it’s kind was the TV channel grabbing, channel dokhol. Channelk 1, which used to be owned by now jailed businessmen Giasuddin AL Mamun and Mr AFM Selim, is currently being run by a retd major. How this happened? Managing Director Giasuddin Mamun got arrested and the chairman Mr selim got arrested in quick succession. Senior officials went into hiding after several employees were arrested or being looked for by joint forces. Suddenly this Maj  guy came one fine mornoing, declared him the chairman, fired the acting leader, veteral TV producer Mr Barkatullah and started running the show. The mainstream media ( exccept remained surprisingly silent over this Channel Dokhol.

And lately we are noticing attempts to grab the whole party of BNP. The model of hall dokhol (dormitory capture) is being aplied here. What is in plan is to somehow blackmail Khaleda Zia into putting mannan Bhuiyan as the acting chief of BNP and then take control of BNP through Mnannan Bhuiyan.  During the government changes over last fifteen years,  control over student dorms used to switch also . All you needed was just to have top terror of the hall switch his allegiance from his old party to th new party. And as a result the new party would taken control of the hall bloodlessly.  Looks like the king’s have decided to use mannan Bhuiyan for the same kind of purpose in capturing BNP.

 Good luck the Kings and the Mannan Bhuiyans.