Our generals have promoted themselves. The Army chief is now a full fledged 4 star general and for the first time in history we also got an air marshall and a vice admiral for our Air force and Navy respectively. Congratulations, dear Generals.

 And everybody got equal share of the pie. Ma General Masud was promoted to be Lt Generals and PSO AFD. Maj gen Zahangir is also lt general now and has become the QMG. We have a new GOC for the 9th infantry division, General Ashab.

So far what I read in newspapers, this promotion was very much needed and justified esp for our country’s status in international platforms.  On this issue we definitely support this promotion. At least we should support any attempt to help uphold the status of the country in front of the world. If the number of 4 star generals can do that, let it be. It is more important when the fame of the country’s democratic tradition is seriously being questioned in the international arena.

However I do not know of any fact or logic which might have been used to debate against this promotions. I have no way to know this because no newsppaper in Bangladesh  will be able to write anything not supporting this and no politicians in Bangladesh will be able to speak against it.  This is simply unthinkable in current Bangladesh.

I, however, would raise a concern here about this promotions. Couldn’t this very important defence matter have waited until an elected government takes office?  Shouldn’t have this been discussed in our ntional parliament?

How morally different this is from the practice of the parliament members exempting themselves of taxes of imported cars? When parliament members used to call the shots, they made laws that will benefit them. Now the generals are in charge, so major changes are made that will benefit them financially and by every other means.

Talking about moral superiority. Who has that?