Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

The spontaneous outpouring of support, show of confidence and loyalty of Awami league activists shown to their leader Sheikh Hasina on her return home was heartening. This was a good response to what is being told all along about “0” popularity and influence or effectiveness of Sheikh Hasina or BNP leader Khaleda Zia.


Similarly the gathering of thousands of BNP activists with mere rumor of Khaleda’s visit to late president Zia’s mausoleum is another testament to what these two ladies are to most of their grass root core political workers.

The 11+2 wise men and women who think they know and speak for all in Bangladesh and they are only people who want good of Bangladesh should take a lesson from these events. One thing these wise men and women should know that the people who gathered in Airport, or in Bangabandhu museum/Shudha Shadan or President Zia’s mausoleum, were not hired human heads to attend the gatherings. These young people defied all the red eye, fear mongering and joint forces terror to express their passion.

We talk about election. We should know these young people greeting Khaleda or Hasina are the ones who will do the most important ground work in Bangladesh election. The western trained kids belonging to the civil society, out of their pure passion and patriotism, can write hundreds of op-eds, but the real job in democracy is done by those young elements chanting slogan at Airport

And the wise men and women currently running Bangladesh must know that application of force or fear tactic can never contain the passion of large number of people.

Abdul Jalil, the general secretary of Bangladesh Awami League, has been a subject of much criticism, mockery, annoyance, name calling etc. He was the spokesperson of AL and later 14 party turned grand alliance and was deemed to be the façade of a failed and disconnected and very much anti-people activities of Awami league during the last years.


During that period he was very much talkative and sounded hollow compared to his counterpart, Mr. Mannan Bhuiyan. The last nail in the coffin was his direct involvement in signing the MOU with Islamic zealots, the Khalefat Majlish.

However, the time has changed. Mannan Bhuiyan is now the face of opportunism and treachery. And Mr. Jalil showed utmost the courage and uncompromising loyalty to keep speaking on behalf of his party leader at the most difficult of times. And even the very balanced but effective statements he made recently were full of intelligent statesmanship.

It looks like Mr. Abdul Jalil has passed the litmus test of loyalty and courage while most of his colleagues from either side of the isle miserably failed. Looks like finally Mr. Jalil has been able to shrugg off the “april 30th deadline” ridicule, he has been subjected to for the last three years. Good Job Mr. Jalil.