The prominence of the word “retd.” is again getting obvious in our day to day life. Back in the 70s and 80s, with retired military officials were occupying almost all the worthy civil jobs, the word “retd.” itself used to evoke a lot of resentment among the student communities and the civil society.
The trend was not that alarming over the next 15 years. However again I am noticing that the retired military officials are taking over jobs ideally meant for the smartest and the most brilliant officials of the administration.

Over the last several months, the ACC chairmanship went to an ex army general. So did the chairman’s post of DEPZ, BTRA (Bangladesh telecommunication Authority), BRTA (Bangladesh road transportation authority) etc.
Eve an election commissioner was selected from the ranks of the retired military community. And this commissioner did not deny newspaper reports that he was convicted of stealing relief CI sheets etc during the last martial law.
During this honestocracy II, when many big time political leaders are being arrested, surprisingly all the retired military officials, despite having serious accusations of corruption, like retd Air vice Marshall Altaf, are out of the detention dragnet.
The funniest story came out today in today’s meet the press arranged by ATN Bangla. One journalist asked BNP leader Brig General (retd.) Hannan Shah that whether he and Maj (retd.) Sayed Eskander was being appointed by the “concerned authority” to become the leaders of BNP.
Waiting to see which retired military official gain prominence in Awami League in the coming days. Who can it be? Col (retd) Faruq Khan, Lt Gen (retd.) Nuruddin or Major (retd) Rafiq?