Yesterday was 40th day of BNP leader KM Obaidur Rahman’s death. As a religious ritual and social culture, a gathering was organized at the residence of deceased. Although a religious tradition, it turned into an opportunity for BNP leaders to show their face as well as allegiance to the party’s embattled leader Khaleda Zia.
This was also another show of truthlessness of the statements made by the current Honestocracy II. The government had issued press notes stating that KZ is free to move and this statement has proved to be blatant lie aain and again. Baring KZ from Obaid’s chehlum was another testimony to that fact.


Anyway, it is an irony that KM Obaidur Rahman’s 40th day anniversary (Chehlum) turns into a showdown for party unity under Khaleda Zia. And another irony is that it turns into a last resort for Mr. Mannan Bhuiyan to save his face and show his loyalty to the party.

It is an irony because KM Obaidur Rahman was the party secretary before Mr. Salam Talukdar who is Mannan Bhuiyan’s predecessor. One of the smartest political maneuvers in KZ’s political career was to overnight fire party secretary KM Obaidur Rahman, who was reportedly conspiring with junta Ershad to break BNP during the last years of Ershad rule. KM Obaid and all else who tried to desert the mainstream all got lost in oblivion. KM Obaid also had to return and be a powerless official in BNP during the rest of his political career. All Mr. Obaid’s hard work to revive and rebuild BNP during early days of Ershad, th honestocracy I, went into vain.

Now Mr. Obaid’s last rites turned into an arena for another similar political maneuvering and counter maneuvering. Now Mr. Mannan Bhuiyan is on the hot seat Mr. Obaid was seating 20 years ago.

The history is cruel and unforgiving and it definitely repeats itself. And on a second note it is unsettling to note that, BNP, as a party, with all its popular support ( no longer existing?), with the legacy of running the country a total of 16 of 36 years has all but the most important thing called loyalty of its officials and supporters.