Latest Update on the drama

It is being reported that ex Prime minister Khaleda Zia has already been or in the process of being deported out of the country with her family members. If it is a rumor only, my apology and this post will be taken off. And we all know the drama that is taking place with other leader Sheikh Hasina in London, UK.

There is absolutely no doubt in anybody’s mind that the exile of Khaleda Zia is mere blackmailing a mother using the safety of her sons.

When people of Bangladesh welcomed this 1/11 government, they rather hoped for a better rule of law. But over the last 3 months, I feel that hope has rapidly converted into a fear of the worse.

Today, the manner in which Khaleda Zia and her family in being tried to be evicted from her house and shipped outside the country, forces people to question what kind of law or constitutional decree allows a ruler to treat a politician in such a way? What chapter in penal code allows the government to kick somebody out of the country? And what law empowers a citizen from returning to the country?

Todays, along with Khaleda Zia, another person was also reported to be in the process of being deported off the country. She is Tareq Zia’s wife. A very studious student, a physician, she is also the daughter of a myrter. Her father, ex navy Chief, Real Admiral M A Khan, died at the call of duty. He was supervising the navy rescure and rehabilitation operations in coastal Bangladesh after a deadly storm. After weeks of sleepless night on the rough seas and tents, the navy chief collapsed one day and died. He had the option of sitting in his Navy HQ office and run the operation, rather he opted to be with his soldiers who were braving the rough seas to rescue the helpless coastal people.

The treatment extended to Khaleda Zia, a leader of pre 90s democracy movement, ex president Zia’s sons and late Rear Admiral M A Khan’s daugher was very inhuman in my point of views. We did not expect this illegal and undemocratic means from a government, which our people hoped would save democracy and restore our national integrity.

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