Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

It is not the fashion of this time to talk about Hasina or Khaleda. Let me be a little unfashionable and again talk about Hasina- Khaleda.

Sheikh Hasina has been denied entry into Bangladesh. Governmnet took all possible measure to keep her out of Bangladesh borders. As Rezwan reports, ” Two BAF F-7BG AC will escort out the aircraft from the BD airspace to further south towards the Bay of Bengal. ”

And after doing all these, on the same day, this same Good Government has issued arrest warrant against Sheikh Hasina showing her as a fugitive.

Is governance a joke? Is our current CTG making fun with the nation?



Latest Update on the drama

It is being reported that ex Prime minister Khaleda Zia has already been or in the process of being deported out of the country with her family members. If it is a rumor only, my apology and this post will be taken off. And we all know the drama that is taking place with other leader Sheikh Hasina in London, UK.

There is absolutely no doubt in anybody’s mind that the exile of Khaleda Zia is mere blackmailing a mother using the safety of her sons.