Thank You Mr. Mannan Bhuiyan for assuring the nation of your ability to talk. A nation and me, being a member of the nation, were worried about your physical and mental health in terms of your ability to speak.

Why should not we be worried about?

You are immensely blessed with a powerful role of general Secretary of a large political party BNP. Thanks to this position, you have been all powerful minister for ten years. We are used to see your and talk in TV almost on a daily basis.

But suddenly you stopped talking. The Chairperson of the party is under house arrest. You or other leaders make no sound. Your chairperson is being forced into exile and being evicted from her house, there is no single comment from you or all the 60 ministers of the previous government. There were so many barrister ministers in BNP. The Chairperson Mrs Khaleda Zia does not get any single leader to represent her or her son in the court. Finally the leaders like Barrister Rafiqul Islam Mian, Maj Akhteruzzaman, Brig Hannan Shah, who had been forced out of the party during your tenure come out doing the necessary errands for their ex leader.

A single case against the other leader brings about national protest and make several leaders protest it in public. Media come out with stories ( Like that of weight of 3 crore taka, how bad is the accuser) to undermine the case against the leader.

But your leader is house arrested, her sons are being picked up police like Tokais, not a single media support, there is not a single statement from politicians of her party.

A party has given you so many thing. In fact it has given all what you did in your life. Otherwise you would have been working as 3 thousand taka salary proof reader in a local printing press and going back and forth from your home at Meradia by tempoo service. Thanks to this party you are now a Gulshanite, a lawmaker and you drive 10 million taka landcruiser.

So many things happeneded, Khaleda Zia house arrested, Tareq Zia, Arafat rahman arrested, you can’t care less and you kept mum.

Now someone talked somewhere that you may lose your job, you and your cotery suddenly jumped out of the oblivion. Mr Bhuiyan you finally have spoken. Let paty go to hell, I don’t care. But the moment my position is at stake, I come out shamelessly to keep the job which I have no moral right to keep.

Shame on you Mr. Mannan Bhuiyan.