Maj General Retd. M A Matin is a person of versatile quality.

He and his close ally Maj Gen Subid Ali Bhuiyan were instrumental in thwarting the coup attempt of Gen Nasim in 1996. Gen Matin wrote a huge size book about his role on that failed coup. And at his request, Professor Moniruzzaman Mian ( A former VC of Dhaka university) wrote the preface of his book. Definitely General Matin held Prof Mian in high esteem at that time.

However recently, in a changed environment General Matin’s respect for Prof Mian has apparently vanquished. Otherwise why he, a sitting advisor/minister would publicly call Prof Mian, a minister ranked anti corruption commissioner, a clown?

Gen Matin is very angry no doubt. He is yet to absorbe humiliation of losing his job as chairman of anti corruption bureau. He expected the ACC chairman job go to him, rather it went to Prof Mian and justice Sultan. He apparently saw it as BNP govt or Khaleda Zia/Tareq Rahman’s failure to honor him for the role he played supporting then President Abdur Rahman Biswas during 19996 failed coup. He is definitely enjoying his current role in fulfilling his revenge on Khaleda family.

General MAtin faces electronic media on a daily basis. An interesting observation is that he does never tell the truth. Some of his recent comments,

1. Govt has no plan to exile Hasina or Khaleda.

2. Hasina can return when she wants to return.

3. Khaleda can move freely if she likes.

4. Nobody is been harrassed for political reasons.

5. About Sheikh Hasina, he comments, ” She will not be arrested if the allegations are not proved.”. He did not answer when asked asked ” then what about others all who have been arrested? Have the allegations against them been proven?”

6. When asked whether his govt will arrest the former energy advisor Mahmudur Rahman for media alleged Uttara consipracy, he very arrogantly answers, ” Who is Mahmudur Rahman?”