Sayed Eskander is Khaleda Zia’s brother. During the 80s, Mr Eskander, along with his family used to live with Khaleda Zia in her Moinul road house. An extention was built in Moinul road residence to accomodate this brother, who after a failed business deal could not afford to feed his family and children.

Time has changed since then. Sayed Eskander is now a business tycoon as well as a parliament member from Khaleda Zia’s constituency and he was also the chairmen of the all powerful standing committee on defence purchases.

During this post 1/11 days, while the rest of Khaleda family is in deep trouble and all the politicians are somehow keeping quite, this Syed Eskander is surprsingly untouched and rather very active in different negotiations. Some of the thanks will definitely go to Sayed Eskanders brother in law Maj general Mashud who happens to be a very powerful man in Bangladesh now.

While Khaleda Zia is under house arrest and can not meet or talk to anyone else, This Eskander was talking to and visiting Khaleda Zia without any restriction.

It has been reported that he has been instrumental in convincing Khaleda to go in exile.

Another not so surprisng inside info recently surfaced that Mr Eskander is now after the interim Chairman post of BNP after Khaleda goes into exile. He is either forcing Khalkeda into doing it or convincing Khaleda under duress that the only way Khaleda and her son’s hold on party will be safe if he takes the helm of the party while Khaleda in in exile.

Shabash Mr Eskander.