Khaleda Zia is a single mother for the last 25 years. When her husband was killed, in addition to holding the helm of the party her slain husband founded, and launching a movement against a military dictator, she also raised two teen age boys. Probably she was not the best of the mothers, providing the children with best of academic, moral and social rearing. But she was the Mother. In mother-child relationship, there can not be any grading. A mother simply can’t be a less affectionate to the children.
So, Khaleda will react, naturally like any other mother when she finds her sons in trouble. Apparently our current government of insurmountable moral standards is well aware of this phenomenon. That’s why they resorted to the “perfectly moral” trick of snatching Khaleda’s remaining son from home at the middle of the night; pressurize her to leave the country holding the son as a pawn.

For a mother is there any reason more powerful than the safety of the child? It may be possible for the father to sacrifice the son for a bigger cause, but for a mother? Is there any instance in the history? Can anybody show me one?

As a nation, should we cheerlead and clap at this apparent dirty trick of the government? Where does it take our nation morally?

Yeah sure! If he commits crime, press charges against him and try him with all proper transparency, legal rights. Nation even does not know on what law this man was snatched away from home and was detained for 24 hours and even in which location he was detained. Shouldn’t our neutral conscientous journalists protest against all the wrongdoing? Exactly like they did in last 15 years?

Hello country! Is there anyone left with some sort of spine and moral righteousness? I am ashamed at the role some much respected leading newspapers are playing in Bangladesh now. Today, with the arrest news of Khaleda’s younger son Coco, these newspapers simultaneously re-published their old stories (Allegation) on Coco’s corruption. This editorial policy is a clear indication of their support on this move and an attack against someone who can not respond to these allegations now. What a shame!