Khaleda Zia is a single mother for the last 25 years. When her husband was killed, in addition to holding the helm of the party her slain husband founded, and launching a movement against a military dictator, she also raised two teen age boys. Probably she was not the best of the mothers, providing the children with best of academic, moral and social rearing. But she was the Mother. In mother-child relationship, there can not be any grading. A mother simply can’t be a less affectionate to the children.
So, Khaleda will react, naturally like any other mother when she finds her sons in trouble. Apparently our current government of insurmountable moral standards is well aware of this phenomenon. That’s why they resorted to the “perfectly moral” trick of snatching Khaleda’s remaining son from home at the middle of the night; pressurize her to leave the country holding the son as a pawn.