The evil empires are gone. Defeating the dishonests and corrupts, now the country is ruled by the knights of honesty, barrons of morality.

Lets sing the song of the successes of this honestocracy at this 3 months anniversary.

1. During the rules of the evil empires last 15 years, the judiciary was not free. The supreme court was tainted by influenced judgements.

Now, the judiciary is absolutely free. People get bail solely on the merit of the case, not at the direction of the joint forces command. The supreme court righly threw away the highcourt decisions declaring some detentions illegal.
And now you are allowed to protest against decisions you don’t like by vandalizing the court premises.

2. Attorney generals office is adjucating cases in fair succession. No case is being deferred three or four times in a row.

3. Police forces are unquestionably fair now. Cases are activated, deactivated, people are charge sheeted, removed from chargesheet absolutely in accordance to the rule of law.

4. The defence forces, unlike the last 15 years, very obedient under the civil leadership, are only helping the governmnet when it is asked to do so.

5. The print and electronic media was maimed for the last 15 years. Now they are free birds.

6. Poor people used to live in uninhabitable conditions in slums. Now they do not live there. The slums are gone.

7. Prices of essentials were sky high, now they all are ocean deep.

8. Harrassment of opposition politicians by framed cases have stopped. Politicians are now rightfully jailed for months for committing grave crimes like possessing expired and cancelled passports or couple of hundred dollars of foreign currency at home.

9. In governmnet controlled media we used to see the faces of ruling party leaders all the time. Now we do not see the governmnet leaders in the media at all.

10. I could not criticise the government leaders in the blogs. Now I can.

Congratulations to the caretaker government. Long Live our oasis of highest moral standards.