Your Highness General Moeen U Ahmed

I will not start by thanking you as you are being thanked by a lot of people everyday in Bangladesh. I hardly see any newspaper who will dare write anything about you but some glaring words of adulation for all your great deeds since the day you helped impose a state of emergency in Bangladesh.

Honorable Chief of Army Staff

Lately I hear you lecturing the nation on the misdeeds of our politicians and hear you talking all the popular talks about how much money being funneled out of the country and how we discovered the mine of relief CI sheets. Sir, while you make all these political talks, the people you are talking against are gagged, incarcerated without any opportunities of self defense and any chance for bail. You talk about restoring civility and a rule of law. But what kind of rule of law is it where you can make advance judgments on cases yet to be prosecuted by the legal system, without letting us hear any view from the opposite site or see any exhibit in favor of your judgment?

Your Excellency

That day you bragged that once you ordered the IG police, all the violence in our garments industry has stopped. In Bangladesh rule of precedence are you supposed to command the IG of Police? Or you simply can do that as the forces under your command carry heavier weapons than the forces under the command of the IGP? Mr. General have you ever thought why your forces are stronger than the forces under the IGP? In case you didn’t know, it is because, the people of Bangladesh spends thousands of times more money to feed, clothe, equip your forces. While a police constable, on a duty at a violent Dhaka spot, waits in hungry stomach for hours for one of his only two cheap –inadequate meals a day, your forces are very well fed. While the kids of Bangladesh don’t get to drink milk, we feed your forces milk, egg and other good healthy stuff with ridiculously subsidized price. Dear General, would it be wrong to assume that if we spent a part of the budget we spent on your forces, any other force would be as good as your force is deemed to be?

Honorable General Moeen

The changes you believed to have orchestrated on 1/11 have unprecedented public support. There is no doubt about that. But let me remind you sir, there is also no doubt that this support you are now enjoying is not an endorsement of your positive activity, rather it is an outburst of public anger against previous government and the prevailing political system and situation in Bangladesh. So the honeymoon period will persist as long as the memory of the political mayhem remains fresh in public mind. But people in Bangladesh tend to be very forgetful, and you do not have the luxury to enjoy the negativity towards politicians for too long. You have to show something positive very soon. The most positive thing Bangladesh can expect from you is your abstinence from political process, civil society debates and day to day function of Bangladesh. Bangladesh people have very bitter experience with generals messing with our political system.

Respected Lt General Moeen

We have to keep in mind that you are still a government servant, like any secretary, police chief, election commissioner etc. A secretary can not come out and lecture the nation about politics, and so you should not too. Please don’t tell us that you are smart, your idea is great. There are many more smart people in bureaucracy too. Remember Dr Akbar Ali Khan, Mr. HT Imam, Mofazzal Karim or Inam Ahmed Chow? They were all govt employees and they all are capable of giving a better sermon than you did about democracy. But they did not do that while in govt job as they respect the rule of law. On what logic you preach honesty, rule of law while you yourself are breaking the law?

Honorable Sir

Now a day it is difficult not to see your ISPR supplied decorated portrait in our daily newspapers. Whatever you say, wherever it may be, it will be published in font page with your quarter page portrait. While we see your glowing face, we do not see the mutilated body of Cholesh Risil. What else the media can do? And almost all of the most read newspapers are now somehow intimidated by you. See Daily Janakantha, the editor is in jail, so are the owners of Jugantor, Shamokal, Dinkal, Amardesh, or in hiding are the editors/owners of Ittefaq, Shongram, Jaijaidin, Noya Diganta, and Korotoa etc.

Honorable General

You and your companions tell us all the good nice words against corruption. While you speak of this nice stuff, in retaliation of their two killed comrades, your forces revenge kill 6 men without any proper investigation or judgment.

Respected Sir

You proposed of a new local brand of political system for Bangladesh. You did it when nobody is allowed to talk politics even inside their homes. Bravo general Moeen, These must be Godly words, absolutely one way. Nobody is allowed to respond to it, criticize it! Sir, may I remind you that you are not the first general to lecture the nation about a new brand of democracy? A lot of generals have done the same, and I hope I do not have to remind what the outcome was.

Our Dear General

We have a technocrat civilian run government and a very capable advisory committee. Please let the chief Advisor and the other advisors do an open dialogue with the nation about our political future. You should not infringe yourself into an area where you do not belong to. Remember your official job now is “To support and cooperate with the government”.