Your Highness General Moeen U Ahmed

I will not start by thanking you as you are being thanked by a lot of people everyday in Bangladesh. I hardly see any newspaper who will dare write anything about you but some glaring words of adulation for all your great deeds since the day you helped impose a state of emergency in Bangladesh.

Honorable Chief of Army Staff

Lately I hear you lecturing the nation on the misdeeds of our politicians and hear you talking all the popular talks about how much money being funneled out of the country and how we discovered the mine of relief CI sheets. Sir, while you make all these political talks, the people you are talking against are gagged, incarcerated without any opportunities of self defense and any chance for bail. You talk about restoring civility and a rule of law. But what kind of rule of law is it where you can make advance judgments on cases yet to be prosecuted by the legal system, without letting us hear any view from the opposite site or see any exhibit in favor of your judgment?

Your Excellency