I tried very hard not to watch the TV footage of Saddam Hossain being hanged. I failed. Apparently my sorrounding world is so eager to see and show that killing, I had no way but watching Saddam Hossain in Hangman’s noose. I do not like to watch taking a life. This disliking started with the shocking NY Times first page picture of Col. Nazibullah, the ex Afhgan ruler being hanged in a lamp-post by the Taliban.

And then, just these days, the media forced me to watch the faces of five of the six hanged militants.

Bangla vai’s body was not shown. It was reported that was done at Bangla vai’s request. But I don’t believe that authorities will not let a vital accused like Bangla Vai not photographed and publicized.
An interesting news came out in Ajker Kagoj newspaper on the day after hanging. According to Ajker Kagoj, one of the six hanged militants, Bangla Vai, got decapitated while being hanged.
I do not recall seeing any denial of this story.

Decapitation is not so rare complication of hanging. A similar decapitation of Saddam Hossain’s half brother has just reminded us of this potential gruesome complication.

Before I go ito whether Bangla vai had the same fate or not let me first talk some scientific stuff about hanging