Siddiqul Islam Bangla Vai was hanged to death last night.
So was the son in Law of Shayokh Abdur Rrahman, Mr Abdul awal.

Bangla Bhai Wife and daughter
Bangla Vai’s young wife and daughter.

The Italians will turn off the lights of Coliseum on the night one death sentence is carried out any where in the world. I do not have the means to launch that massive scale protest, but I’ll do my own protest. Everytime a death sentence is conducted by the state of Bangladesh, I’ll post a picture of a child in this blog. And for today, who picture could be better than the infant daughter of Bangla vai?

A child’s picture will be my mode of protest, it speaks of many things. First, every single child is born innocent, a killer is created out of a child due to a faulty environment and an unjust society. It also speaks for the parents of the person being hanged. Being a father of a eight month old, I know how painstaking it is to raise a child. Its a struggle that continues day after day, night after night, hour after hour, until adulthood.

The person being hanged took peoples life. So the state i.e. the people take their lives also.
Proponents of death penalty will object to phrase of “state’s revenge”, they would rather tell death penalty is a deterrant to further killing. But can anybody show us some data where it has been proved beyond doubt that death penalty really prevents killings?

I protest this sort state organized murders. Let their be no death penalty anywhere in the world.A state is not a murderer and it must itself not go down to become another murderer only to punish a murderer.

Update: It is now being reporte that all other militants including Shayokh, his brother Sunny has also been executed the same night.