352_sena-prodhan.jpgIn front of a very selectively invited media and personnnel, in the 9th Division ( Gen Masud’s) hosted event he also adds that

He would raise issue of prosecuting war criminals;
Asserts that it is time to fight corrupt politicians;
Proposes auction of seized cars to build hospitals for poor.

Among other attendees, prominent were AL MP freedome fighter Asaduzzaman Noor and Golam Kuddus of shommilito Shangskritik jote.


How should we react? Should we be happy and thank the Army chief for doing the right thing and speaking the truth? Should we start looking for any hidden meaning? Should we suspect any long term planning or conspiracy? Or Should see it as an indicator of a new polarization in Bangladesh politics? Or it is only a lip service to somehow convince the Awami League supporters and leadership to support the current CTG?

What do you think?