Dear Friends ( Especially those who are old enough to remember 1986) let’s try to go back twenty years ago and project the following things for Bangladesh to have in twenty years,

    GDP growth rate will be > 6 % for years in a row.
      Bangladesh Cricket team will be trying to reach the semifinals of world cup cricket.Nearly 50% of adult population in Bangladesh will carry a mobile phone device and will actively SMS each other from all the remotest villages in Bangladesh. 
      The majority of urban middle class will have a family motor vehicle.
      A majority of Bangladeshi youngsters will have access to a PC and internet.
      Nearly a dozen private TV and radio channels, all beaming 24 hour of quality news and entertainment.
      Bangladesh will be one of the countries with highest number of  vernacular newspapers published online.

      Bangladeshi’s all over the world will be hooked to 24 hours of live programming and online newspapers from Bangladesh.
      Bangladeshis will be one of the fastest growing immigrant communities in North America and Europe. You’ll hardly be able to walk a New York or Toronto Street without bumping into a Bangladeshi.
      Military will force a change in government only to give the key to the throne to a group of accomplished academician,  technocrats  and help them better govern the country.

      I’ll be what I am now.  


      [ I took this picture last month]

      Whatever incredible and “too optimistic” they sounded in 1985, all these are very much reality of Bangladesh at the beginning of 2006 or 2007.

      Recently in a post regarding top ten events that happened to Bangladesh, I predicted top ten future events that will happen to Bangladesh. Let me rewrite them,

      2008: Election of 2008: After 20 years of effective one party rule and 15 years of two party rule, a third party led by Nobel laureate Dr Yunus wins the majority seats in the parliamentary election. Two previous ruling parties win second and third highest seats, a all party coalition / national government is formed.2011:Bangladesh wins the 2011 cricket world cup.

      2012: As a result of 5 years of stunning economic growth Bangladesh touches double digit

      GDP growth and crossesChina to record the highest GDP growth in the world.

      2013: In the second general election since 1/11/07; for the first time in history, all the winning members have highest university degree while 40% of them are ex-NRBs having overseas education. Yunus’ party consolidates its majority in parliament.

      2017: the first generation graduates from high school who has been taught to respect both Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib and Late Ziaur Rahman as national leaders.

      2017: Tareq Zia after being released from jail after 10 years of imprisonment apologizes to the nation for his misdeeds.

      2018: Biman Bangladesh Airlines crosses Emirates and Singapore Air to become the largest Asian operator.

      2020: With the opening of Uttara -Purbachol line, the work of massive state of the art greater Dhaka subway (Underground Railway) system completes.

      2021: Through underground cable system Bangladesh start exporting electricity to power starved China.

      2027: Second Nobel Prize comes forBangladesh. This time it is BRAC and Fazle Hasan Abed. They win Nobel Prize in medicine for their revolutionary contribution to an effective healthcare delivery inBangladesh which became a model for the rest of the world.

      All who responded, dismissed me as too optimistic. I had difficuly understanding why optimism will be crime rather than a method. On May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced before a special joint session of Congress the dramatic and ambitious goal of sending an American safely to the Moon before the end of the decade. He was dismissed as being too optimistic. When young Neheru expressed his vision of ensuring India’s nutrition by ensuring subsidized cheap milk and egg for the whole nation, he was ridiculed. Till to date milk and egg are the cheapest and most afordable food product in India. On the the 36th birthday of our country, I urge all to be optimistic and shrug away the pessimism about Bangladesh. Because if I alone believe in all the future ten I just mentioned, it will never happen. But if we all believe in it, there is absolutely no reason we can not achieve the ten milestones I laid out. If we do not believe in a better future, how can we ever achieve that?