Every time I visit Bangladesh, the ever visible potential of the people of Bangladesh amazes me, gives me a high hope.

You get the first glimpse of a future prospect of Bangladesh at the faces of the young men traveling with you. These men have braved the continents and oceans in search of a better life. There is hardly any European town where you will not see a young Bangladesh entrepreneur busy running his small road side souvenir shop, hot dog cart or else. These young men first reached those places after an epic journey, risking lives, through forbidden terrains, deadly deserts, rough seas, hostile borders; then they learned new language, new culture, set up the small business with hardest possible toil only to send most of the savings back home..

You give the people of Bangladesh some opportunity to prove themselves, some financial backing, a roof to work under; they will bring about great things, they will make impossible things look very easy.

A corrupt Falu or Mamun ensures financial backing with stolen money, as a result, some exceptionally rich, perfect world class audio-visual media goes live in shortest possible time. We get our daylong entertainments via the super professional media outlets of NTV, RTV, Channel -1 etc.