After arrival in Dhaka, the experience in the airport may be diverse. One way is just to do it the straight way. You walk the stairs to the immigration area always to find yourselves behind a long never moving line of impatient passengers. And if this line ever moves, after relentless pushing from the person who is standing 0.0005 millimeter behind you and you finally reach the immigration counter, you will always find a unwelcoming face scrutinizing you with the most suspicion full look and trying the best to find a glitch (The picture is too old, does not match you, how did you get US passport, “ki Koren Oikhane?” etc.). Next step beyond the immigration is the customs, where people is white eagerly wait with knife and scissors( Literally– to cut open the luggage) for Middle east passengers , being European or US returnee you usually get an easier ride. Next, once you are out of airport you find yourself lost in front of hundreds or thousands of suspicious eyes, apparently everyone is trying get something out of you. Porters snatching your luggage to help you, beggars literally hounding you for 5 dollars, and you try to find your way to the unassuming parking lot through a narrow uneven alley.