Traveling to Dhaka always works as an eye opener in understanding the people of Bangladesh, what their current state is and what characteristic they possess.

If you fly to Dhaka from any origin, be it New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, Delhi, Karachi, Dubai, Singapore, Jeddah or any where else, you will fly with a group of blue color migrant workers returning home.

Rarely interspersed between them, there will be occasional one or two me or you trying our best to segregate ourselves from the majority in the aircraft.

When your co-passengers are creating all the chaos in the deck, bothering the flight attendants, fighting each other over overhead luggage space, smoking in a non-smoking flight, ignoring crew instructions not to move while the aircraft has not yet stopped taxying; dying of shame you or me pray for earth to split where you can hide.

However over the last several times I flew, I decided to put the shame behind to engage these co-passengers.

As I spend more and more time with them, an unpleasant truth gets clear to me. Whatever shame these unruly passengers cause for me, whatever superior I find myself compared to them, the fact is that these passengers are Bangladesh. They represent the psych, the culture, and socio-political belief of the majority people of Bangladesh.

My world i.e. me, my upper middle class family, expatriate- non-expatriate acquaintances belonging to the similar social sub-class, English and Bangla newspaper op-eds, blogs, weekend socials, occasional ‘feel good kind’ charity-social-political activism or chattering probably represents an extreme minority in a bigger picture of Bangladesh.

And from this understanding, another uneasy question comes up, then, all these views of mine, ideas and political advises for a better Bangladesh, how much these matter to Bangladesh?