On the 15th of August 1975 the then ruler of Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was killed with rest of his extended family.

The reactions following Tareq’s arrest remind me of that gruesome event of history.

I notice an exact similar setup. Preceeding the events, there was unprecedented media campaign against shameless, limitless corruption, nepotism and recklessness of the respective rulers, Mujib family and Zia family. And definitely a concerted effort to incite the members of the defence forces.

It was all about Kambal during that time and this time it is C I Sheet ( Dheu Tin).

And the aftermath seems pretty similar. The general mass is ecstatic today as was on the 16th of August 1975. Today I am getting emails urging sweet distribution and that day I heard mosque mikes being used for the same purpose.Human kind never takes lesson from the history. I can bet, in the comimng centuries in Bangladesh, there will be many more similar cycle of events.

There is one big difference in the two events though. Bangabandhu was killed with all his near and dear ones. Even his underage boy was not spared. He didn’t have any chance to clear himself of the media allegations against him. 30 yeara later now we know, although there was some truth in the corruption reports, a significant portion of the media hype that incited the people and the military against Mujib family was distortion and exaggeration.

Compared to Bangabandhu, Khaleda family is quite fortunate. Tareq is not dead, neither is Khaleda or her other son. Unlike Bangabandhu Tareq will have an opportunity to come out clear if the allegations against him are mostly media exaggeration as it happened in case of bangabandhu 31 years ago.

Whatever corruption he indulged in or not, on my viewpoint this man desrerves some payback of the arrogance he and his gong indulged in during last five years.

[ caution readers, don’t think I am comparing Tareq with Mujib. No. They are not comparable, not even in the slightest bit]

One event, probably the turning point in his career was his cricklet game with Tehari brunch keeping half of Dhaka locked.

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Tareq’s career is apparently over if the report that Mamun is now travelling to Malaysia, India, Thailand, South Africa and Singapore locating TR’s assets for the government turns out to be true.

Looks like Tareq has fallen down the black hole of history. And unfortunately, with him he took the hopes of Sheikh Hasina to have her son Sajib Wazed Joy take the helms of Bangladesh.