Unlike his mates, Harry Potter could say Voldemort as Voldemort, who was “He-who-can-not-be-named” for the rest of the wizards.

We also probably need some Harry Potters in our society to start taking the names of the “You-know-who”.

The “you-know-who” AKA the patriotic defence forces are enthralling us with daily amazing activities.

Just that day, they “By Mistake” picked up the editor of one of the largest national daily Mr Atiqullah Khan Mashud of Janakantha and later released him. Arresting a leading national newspaper editor is definitely a high profile undertaking. I can’t believe this sort of high profile arrest can happen without prior HQ permission and by mistake.

Today, the Hummer H2 parked in front of temporary NTV office caught the eye of some junior army officers belonging to RAB. As the protector of all morality of the country, like the infamous Saudi Virtue police, the officers seized the car and summoned the owner, a businessman, Mr. Enayetur Rahman of NTV. When the papers presented by Mr. Enayetur Rahman showed that he bought that car from an ex MP who imported that car under government approved tax exemption law, Mr. Rahman was arrested. At the same time the ex member of parliament who originally imported the car, Mr. Harun ur Rashid, was also arrested. (Now someone’s car is catching our saviors eyes, probably tomorrow someone’s beautiful wife/girl friend may catch some officers eyes!. You can’t be so certain after all these “you-know-who” were found doing to under age girls in Sudan! Or is that why Aditi Sen and Mamun are missing?)

MP’s tax exemption law is a shameful law. And per newspaper reports, almost all MPs took advantage of this law to import car and sell it to others. Although wrong, this was a common practice among MPs, and was permitted by the authorities of last 15 years or more. Now suddenly two leading figures of the society are locked up indefinitely without any right of self defence because one hummer caught the eye of some ” Pike -Borkondaz’.

Neither I like Mr. Moudud Ahmed nor do I have any sympathy for Mr. Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir. We already have discussed about Mr. Alamgir earlier in the site. Look at Mr. Moudud. If he evaded tax (Who did not do that in Bangladesh?) ask him for clarification or file a law suit. But if you freeze his bank account rather than monitoring it, how he and dozen of family that depend financially on ‘Moudud Associates’ will survive?

People are being burnt alive here and there. There is a serious lack of a building code and compliance. Nobody cares about that. But looks like all our law enforcement agencies are die hard in rescuing all the deer, peacocks and other pets from people’s houses. Who you are giving these rescued animals to? The forest department and Dhaka zoo. These very people are known to poison zoo animal to death with mere intention to sell the hides and bones! Is Chitra Harin an endangered animal? Then why can’t I pet it? And for Gods sake wasn’t it customary since independence to gift a “Chitra Harin” to foreign dignitaries? Which head of state or army chief did not do that since independence? So go ahead and file case against all of them now!

Unfortunately two RAB officers were murdered. See what they did in response, caught one of the “Killers” in 24 hours and killed him!!!!! Didn’t this CTG in principle held extrajudicial killing? Where is the chain of command?

And at the same time we see ridiculous cases are being filed against the politicians arrested for massive corruption! If the law enforcement can be so proactive and efficient in apprehending the RAB killers, where is that zeal in making the cases against the corrupt politicians? And what about corrupt bureaucrats, corrupt Generals?

In medieval India, there was an insane ruler, Muhammad Bin Tughlaq. Since then the word Tughlaqi has become synonymous with being wacky.

Now we have a government, we don’t know how it came. We do not know who really calls the shots. We don’t know its real intentions. We do not know its priorities (except deer rescues).

I have a feeling Mr. Tughlaq would have been ashamed if we call this rule as Tughlaqi rule.