In an anticipated but quite dramatic move, a large number of BNP high ups including several ex-ministers were arrested by joint forces last night.

Arrestees reportedly include, ex ministers Barrister Nazmul Huda, S Q Chowdhury, Amanullah Aman, Ruhul Quddus Talukder Dulu, Mir Nasir Uddin, Iqbal Hassan Mahmud and Saifur Rahman’s son Naser Rahman.

Among AL top leadership, arrestees reportedly include Ex home minister Md Nasim, M K Alamgir, Salman F Rahman, Lotus kama, Pankaj Debnath.

In addition only in last 24 hours, about 2000 people have been arrested.

Absolutely no reason have shown for the arrests and the family members of the arrestee have no news about their family members. This is true for all those arrested over the last three weeks.


Transparency and accountability are basic principles of good governance. When an administration lacks these two attributes, the society turns into a closed society and tyranny knocks at the door.

Before we start clapping the GOOD MOVES of the CTG let us again remind ourselves that we are human rights activists.

There may be newspaper reports against all those arrested. But newspaper reports can’t be basis of indefinite detentions.

Like the extra judicial killings of RAB, these extra judicil arrests of joint forces also cause a major breach in basic human rights.

For every arrest the government should make a case, the chargesheet and all the supporting documents should be made public.

The arrestees should have access to lawyers, and families should be notified the whereabouts of the detainees.

Unlike most of our readers, I am not feeling good at this new developements. I have an eerie feeling about all these arrests.