January 2007

Justice Fazlul Haq new CA.

No news yet about election date.

Is it a win win for all?

Awami League gets what it wants.
BNP still keeps Iajuddin in charge of all vital ministry.
Justice Falul Haq becomes the new CA. ( Was he the jamaat nominee in the advisory committee?).
Judiciary remains the same. EC may possibly face a minor change.
Ershad remains off election.

Now on what demand should mohajote keep off election?

Politics in Bangladesh lately has turned very depressing. Different TV discussion shows like ‘Tritiyo Matra’ etc are testimony to the insane rift in our society. However if you look at this ” Tritiyo Matra” type program in Al Jazeera TV, you will definitely feel, ” Hey are not there yet, we are definitely much better off”.

But the question is, are we too far away from this sort of divide?

We will know tomorrow whether Awami League AKA Mohajote will go to election or not.

Even as late as last week all the indications were that AL was going to election and AL leaders said that under prevailing situation, it was possible to go to election. A grand alliance nomination list was finalized and submitted.

Now as Ershad’s nomination got cancelled, the situation has changed. Again suddenly the prevailing situation is apparently being perceived to be hostile for a ‘free and fair election’.

Can Awami League boycott the election at this point?

1. Won’t the nation think that AL is boycotting the polls for the fallen dictator Ershad? (Coincidentally another dictator Saddam got hanged publicly in the same week).

2. AL just signed a very controversial, self conflicting electoral pact with some religious bigots. Without an election, how would this pact help AL in its upcoming street agitations?

3. Wasn’t it Ershad who forced AL into election by repeated statements that JP will go to election with candidates in 300 seats if AL boycotts the polls?

4. There is a damaging lack of analysis or legal statement supporting the court ruling against Ershad. All people are hearing are either from Ershad’s lawyers or Mr. Jalil. My only source other then Ershad lawyers is a TV interview with Retd Justice Golam Rabbani, who is definitely not a BNP aligned judge and a much respected Prothom-Alo legal contributor. Justice Rabbani was very very confident and vocal in favor of the RO and EC rulings against Ershad. Statements from eminent jurists like Dr Kamal Hossain, Barrister Amirul Islam would have helped the nation at this time.

5. Not surprisingly, Ershad, who is dreaming of a comeback, is again flanked by some “Boshonter Kokils”. They were never seen after fall of Ershad. Anisul Islam Mahmood, Ziauddin Bablu (Father of destruction of student politics), Kazi Zafar didn’t face much of the wrath of most of the post Ershad governments.

6. AL lost the street agitation momentum it created just before the power handover. Election is only 3 weeks away. Is it sufficient time to create another massive agitation? With a single declaration of deploying army, Mr. Jalil started saying that the call for Bangavaban blockade was a rumor. How much mohajote can do with Army actively in the field?

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