So what really happened? Who forced Iajuddin to take the U-turn? Or Iajuddin is still in charge and suddenly got back his integrity?

Let’s take the help of Mr. Motiur Rahman, the editor of Prothom-alo. Mr. Motiur Rahman is known for his strong military liaison. He was the first journalist to break the ages old taboo and wrote incisive articles on irregularities in Military weapon purchase and other secret military issues.

Mr. Motiur Rahman is not seen too much in TV talk shows. But rather surprisingly he attended the ATN show the night before emergency and urged for military intervention.

In today’s Prothom-Alo, Mr. Rahman wrote a commentary, let’s try to understand what he wrote. It may give us answer to the question what really happened.

Here is a synopsis of what he wrote.

1. In less than 24 hours of formation of the new CTG, he criticized the new chief advisor for his advisor selection. (It looked like an attempt to prevent some names from really being selected)

2. Then he took a hand on the “Shameless autocratic” role of Iajuddin as chief advisor. (Dear readers do you get some hint here? Mind it, we are now under SOE and criticizing SOE and the supreme commander, the president, can even lead to death. Isn’t it showing too much courage to rebuke Iajuddin so harshly if he is really in control? )

3. Then he took a real strong jab at BNP-Jamaat. It was interesting to see how he is settling old scores with Falu and Mirza Abbas by including their name everywhere. Army, RAB is searching for criminals, as per prothomA-lo, included are Falu and Mirza Abbas. And even in the editorial today, theer was advise to arrest people who you can claearly identify as Mr. Falu.

4. Then he declared that country also has nothing to trust or depend on Mohajote leaders, Hasina, Ershad, Oli etc.

5. Then he stated that country has no future with this political leadership. He stated that NATION want emancipation from the politics of destruction.

6. He then broke the news that Armed Forces played a major role in the current change of government. He repeated that Armed Forces made the changes possible. He then informed us that the international community had full backing in the activities of military.

7. Then Mr. Rahman spent 10 line two paragraphs in glowing tribute to Bangladesh Armed Forces.

8. Then he asked question if Military has done so many good things in so many places, why Military should not play a role during our current crisis.

9. He then suggested to utilize military to nab black money holders, criminals, and also in preparing a new voter list.

10. Mr. Motiur Rahman again emphasized that the country is in deep trouble and our current political leadership will not be able to take us out of it. He anticipated a long tenure of current administration. And he ended with repeating his warning about the potential advisors he does not like.

Totally absent in Today’s Prothom-Alo was any comment, protest about the recently declared draconian state of Emergency promulgation.

Can there be any doubt about what happened after this editorial commentary in the most influential newspaper in Bangladesh?

[ Opinions expressed in the blog and interpretation of the Prothom-Alo commentary is authors personal views, not that of Drishtipat. ]