The 22 January election is postponed.
A new election is in the horizon.
Let’s see what paradigm shift we achieve in voter’s list.

But most importantly BNP led alliance must take part in this poll. We can’t afford another 80 days of destructive politics.

There must not be another boycott. There must not be any support for any negative politics by BNP. I condemn BNP’s boycott of the ceremony. Whatever mysterious was the circumstance leading to this new developments, whatever shadowy are the main players now, BNP should give face value to this gesture and to the persons involved.

Again, I urge people to boycott BNP if they come out negative again. We are here now due to “Oti Chalaki” of BNP. I partly blame them for bringing in the suspected semi military rule in Bangladesh. Further negative politics, further “Oti Chalaki” will definitely hand them a “Golay Dori”.

Let people take part in polls. Let there be a election with fanfare.

Let the olive green dark cloud move out of the horizon.