Nobel laureate Dr Yunus stressed this point all along. “Bangladesh has no option but going to election. People will need to start the festivities of election. Once festivities start all the violence and deadlock will be over.”

Looks like Dr Yunus, again, was right. Bangladesh is indeed going to elections. And festivities, fanfare all are already here. It will go on for the next 30 days.

Good luck Bangladesh with election 2007.


Tareq Zia officially launches his political career by paying respect to her mother. And on the same day he starts his campaign rhetoric by bringing back the much used India fear during a speech towards the Olama-Mashaeks of Bangladesh. Oh Yes, India will be a hot item in this election. In fact BNP led jote and Awami league led jote is by no means different on any issue except probably India issue.


And talking about Olama Mashaekhs! They are also in high demand now a days. Looks like everybody is begging to court their favor. The last nail in the coffin of our secularism was sealed hard yesterday with the five point contract between Awami League and Khelafat Majlish. These five points denounce secularism, promises not to make any law against the teaching of Quran and Sunnah, will recognize Qaumi Madrassa, Any one believing in any prophet/leader after Muhamad will be declared not Muslims ( Ahmadiyas are doomed!), Blasphemy will be activated, Fatwa will be permitted.
This five point contract is practically an obituary of any remaining hope of reviving our secularism.

Over the last six months there have been a tremendous pressure to take a side, and obviously the side of the righteous against the wrong. For me the difference was fudgy and now between an alliance of Awami League, Shoirachar, Rajakar, communist, Islamist and the other alliance of BNP and Al Bard it got fudgier.

Hope the people of Bangladesh can go to the elections with a clearer distinction between the right and the wrong.