Many years ago, I was just an elementary school kid then. We used to live in a walled government residential quarter and just outside the wall there was the huge slum. During those years, up from my upper floor balcony, I had an up close look at the slum life of Bangladesh.

Every morning their day started with a noisy quarrel. As the day proceeded the noise used to heat up. It was like everybody was fighting with everybody. Morning, noon, evening and night. And along with these quarrel, life used to go on. Cooking, shopping, gossiping and even quite frequent procreation; all used to go on quite aptly in this non stop quarrel environment.

Since I started blogging I feel like I went back to those days. Now I myself is quarreling, day in day out. Everybody is busy fighting with each other.

Then I look out of the blog world and to the real world. Its’ the same thing there too. Its’ nothing but Hoongkar and palta Hoongkar. Look at the TV screens–that’s all the same. Politicians, in public meetings, in press conferences, in TV shows, in party meetings—everywhere they are busy with relentless yelling at each other.

Shamefully our nation is divided.

And shamefully and unfortunately, there is no pacifying or unifying reconciliatory force.
Several weeks ago, I watched Debapriyo Bhattacharya and Barrister Moinul Hossain yelling at each other with red eyes in Tritio Matra at channel I. In our society now we hardly have anybody who is not polarized.

Once a while I had a horrible feeling that we are not far from being like those feuding Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda who used machetes and other blunts objects to kill 800,000 to 10,00,000 human being over a period of 100 days.

And exactly what we are doing? Well, we, 150 million people are divided into two groups in support of two families who are trying to somehow grab the ruling power of the country. And an overwhelming majority of the feuding people will never have any benefit or even a say in how they will be ruled by their chosen people.

And it is all about ruling one of the poorest and reportedly most dysfunctional states in the world.

Selucus what a strange country is it! What a strange people we are!