Which way our country, our democracy is heading?

Do we need to do any second guessing on what will be the fate of our democracy if BNP can go by doing all what they are doing now?

Let me be a little bit more explicit,

1. The caretaker government system, we take pride in, will become non-existent. Respected people will not be part of it anymore. It will turn into a party stooge.

2. Like those communist party regimes in east Europe, every institute in the country will be under the control of a political party or its activists.

3. If BNP can regain power after failing so miserably in certain basic assignments like price control, supplying electricity etc, there will be no incentive to do good job during a five year term. The arrogance and corruption will be the standard practice to win the next election

4. There will be a tendency to nominate a president, speaker, chief justice, Army chief who are most hawkish party loyalists.

5. Shrewd conspiracy will be the coveted political tool. People’s verdict will be thrown in the garbage. The truth will be that you don’t need peoples’ support to win election; all you need is tons of black money, cunning meneuvering of administration and caretaker government.

Now do we have any way out of all these mayhem? How to stop BNP from implementing their evil plan? At this point I get more depressed.

What options we have left to protest BNP black crafts? More Hartal/Oborodh? Longer blockade? Should it succeed, won’t it make Hartal Oborodh a successful tool? Is anybody dreaming that that next AL government will not repeat what BNP is doing now? So are we inviting a vicious cycle of institutional destruction and corruption followed by Hartal-oborodh? What general people have in their fate in the foreseeable future?

I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. Like everything else, this BNP government has destroyed our dreams too.