1. We often forget that access to basic healthcare is one of brazenly abused human rights issue in Bangladesh.
2. There is a total failure as well as lack of will and plan to implement an appropriate primary healthcare system in Bangladesh.
3. Value of a life and the urgency , the medical community need to show to save each and every life are very much missing.
4. There is no effective state system to ensure that the medical professionals are held accountable for the service they render to their patients.
5. Although the government has a very well designed and amazingly extensive healthcare infrastructure, the management of this system is an absolute failure.

6. Except certain selective areas like child health, immunization, preventive healthcare for the adults is basically non-existent in Bangladesh. In fact in a country with limited resources like Bangladesh, preventive healthcare should be the major focus in healthcare.
7. Hundreds of thousands of productive lives are lost every year due to preventable causes like injury, accidents etc. There is no concept of emergency medicine in Bangladesh.
8. Whatever limited healthcare we have available that also stops abruptly on discharge from hospital. There is no system in effect for a continued healthcare beyond hospital into the household in the community to ensure a functional and meaningful recovery.
9. Our hospitals and practitioners are not guided by any binding or non-binding standard of care in treating the patients.
10. There is little oversight on the practiotioners and private local and international ventures doing business in the healthcare industries in Bangladesh.
11. There is a lack of awareness on the need of end of life care for the terminally ill patients in Bangladesh.
12. An open and informed communication between the physician and patient or his family is missing in our system.
13. And finally there is a lack of appreciation of the gravity of the issue as a gross violation of basic human rights of the overwhelming majority.