Well, we are again back to the “Evil Lord”, this time evil lord the 3rd is responsible all the political mayhem in the country. .

It started with Evil Lord the 1st, Justice Khandkar Mahbubul Hasan ( KM Hasan), then was the turn of Evil Lord the 2nd, Justice M A Aziz and now we are down to the 3rd evil lord S M Zakaria.

Over the days, in repeated cycles, we watched how the demands kept on shrinking from 31 point to 11 point to 4 point to 1 point demand against the evil family.

Country was forcefully shut down for days, dozens of people got killed, Dhaka became a scene of gruesome medieval war movie, and Hasan declined. What a victory! Iajuddin came.

Another week of oborodh, economy in standstill, communications halted, millions of people suffered, people died, finally Aziz went on 3 month all paid, all secured vacation (jealous I am!). Another victory! Two new EC, Modabbir, Saiful came.

And now, let’s catch S M Zakaria, the evil lord the 3rd. ‘Keshta betai chor’. If he goes, it will be all peace, prosperity, development. If not? LISTEN NATION—HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE ON YOU. MIND IT.

By the way who is this 3rd Evil?

S M Zakaria, started his career in Election Commission (EC) as Election research assistant almost 32 years ago and worked in the same office ( The EC) all his career. He is one of the smartest and most charismatic officials in the election commission. EC has a bunch of neck less old stubborn unassuming justices with absolutely no knowledge of government bureaucracy or even the real world. Those judges were not even able to communicate with all foreign dignitaries EC meets everyday. It was SM Zakaria who used to do all the talking. EC work also needs a lot of experience and coordination. S M Zakaria was the master bureaucrat in this job. Let’s just give an example. EC declares that voter list will again be updated. And in less than 72 hours, workers in every union in Bangladesh started the massive field work. And this is done through a very slow inefficient government infrastructure, involving employees belonging to multiple ministries like education, LGRD, Home etc.

It is true that for good or for bad it was SM Zakaria who used to run the show in EC. Now some bad elections are selectively blamed on him, carefully omitting all the good electionsand all the bad election he officiated for 96-2001 AL regime including that infamous one against Kader Siddiqui.

Now we all are jumping with NDI report about duplicate voters. In fact election law in BD makes it very difficult to erase names off list. So every updating of the list piles up millions of duplicate voters. Likewise it rose to 13 million in 2006 from 8.7 million in 2001. To bypass this problem Zakaria was one of the proponents of doing new voter list instead of updating it. Apparently mistrust among our political system and some pathetic missteps of the CEC Aziz made this move a very controversial and misunderstood one.

Anyway looks like EC Zakaria will leave. Otherwise HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE ON YOU. MIND IT NATION!

I hope a permanent peace will prevail after the evil lord the 3rd is gone.