All of them satrted as the underdog, the victim.

First let’s talk about Salma, a 16 year old from a remote village, sang all the way up the limelight of beaming CloseUp 1 stages. Everytime she sings, her underdog status generates sentiment throughout the nation and ensures her a good some 300,000 votes whatever she sings.


And she changed, amazingly witin a month. See how she changed from this to that.

And both of our top two leaders started as the victim also, as the the underdog. Sympathy of a murdered family or a murdered husband earned them millions of followers and votes.

And they also started like this

Hasina Khaleda Shahabuddin

Later became this

Hasina Khaleda

ultimately this.

Hasina Khaleda

At this time, to the nation these three women are the good, bad and the ugly. While there is no doubt about who is the good one, the nation is devided into two halves in deciding who is bad and who is ugly. Half the nation believes one is bad and the other is ugly while the other half vice versa. And as we talk now, they are locked in pitched battle to settle the issue.