The day was relatively peaceful compared to last month’s violence. It’s definitely a mature move of politicians on all sides.

Conflicting reports are coming about Army being been called in to help law enforcement agencies. I am not sure whether anything such happened that warranted Army to be called in. I’ll hope Army will maintain as low a profile as possible. It was evident from todays experience that the less the law enforcement presence, the less was the violence.

BNP and four parties kept away from streets today. That helped.

But most heartening was today’s speeches by otherwise arrogant AL leaders like Tofayel or Shuranjit. If you read between their lips, it will be very clear that they didn’t want to do this blockade. From their speech, it sounded very clear to me that they will call off this blockade with minimal positive step from the CTG. They have been emphasizing they will cancel all these the moment the CTG takes steps to do something with the EC.

Lastly I am not sure why it takes the CG that long to do some changes in EC. CEC may quit, but whether he quits or not, it looks like that a number of new EC ( from 1 to 4) may be appointed to bring a balance in the commission and all the district and field level EC administration may change. I laso feel that this CEC is too inefficient to maneuver the election in any form.

And I have a feeling 14 party may accept these changes. Last thing they want is one more day of street violence.