Mainstream US news media was filled today with obituary of Actor Jack Palance. And hardly there was any mention of the man, who with his life long singlehanded struggle, defied worlds most powerful force, The US-Israel Alliance.

Yasir Arafat died today two years ago.

After almost half a century of uncompromising fight for his beloved Palestine, Yasir Arafat spent last few years of his life in the rubbles of his modest Ramallah house. Thanks to the man of peace Ariel Sharon, most of the time there was no power and water supply for this failing health old man.

And even with the mysterious illness ( Lord knows whether or how he was poisoned), he had to leave his land with a hope to live and fear of not being allowed to return. And he had to breath his last , alone, in a hospital bed, in an alien land.

Last picture of Arafat saying goodbye to his people.

He was repeatedly portrayed as the terrorist leader, cause of all trouble by the western leadership and the media.

Now, he is dead for two years. Did terrorism stop? Has peace prevailed in the land called Palestine?